.20g Biodegradeable BBs

NEW! Biodegradable BBs from Game Face Airsoft conform to both ASTM and EN13432 standards on biodegradability. They begin to degrade within 40 days, under favorable environmental conditions, utilizing P-Lifeā„¢ technology. For the serious skirmisher, this means the Game Face high grade, precision Bio BB's allow you to take part in organized field skirmishes where biodegradable BBs are required.

Since Game Face Bio BBs are hydrophobic and don't absorb moisture, they won't jam or damage your AEG by swelling like some other bio BBs.

Created for high-end performance AEGs and finely polished to a smooth sheen, the new Game Face Bio BBs provide the precision required in extreme combat scenarios and the biodegradability demanded by event commanders.
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Misuse or careless use may cause serious injury, particularly to the eye. This airsoft gun is intended for use by those 16 years or older. Read all instructions before using. Buyer and user have the duty to obey all laws about the use and ownership of this airsoft gun. You and others with you should always wear shooting glasses to protect your eyes. BE CAREFUL - SHOOT SAFELY.